• Ground clearance: Lifting a vehicle increases the space between the driving surface and the vehicle’s frame, which can improve off-road performance
  • Tires: Lifting a vehicle allows for larger tires, which can improve off-road performance
  • Handling: Lifting a truck can improve handling on bumps, curbs, and railroad tracks
  • Off-road capability: Lifting a Jeep can improve its ability to tackle off-road terrain
  • Aesthetics: Lifting a vehicle can enhance its appearance

Van and Camper Lifts

  • Reduce bottoming out
    Vans are more likely to ground out in the middle and bottom out in the back
  • Increase clearance
    A lift kit can give you more clearance for driving on uneven terrain
  • Avoid collisions
    Lifting your vehicle can help you avoid collisions, like hitting a pothole, while off-roading

Super Singles

We offer a Super Single conversion service!  

A super single conversion is when you replace dual wheels on a truck with a single tire. The term “super single” refers to wide-base tires that have the capacity to replace a dually set.
Super singles have a larger contact patch than dual tires, which increases the fleet’s load capacity. They also eliminate the effects of uneven pressure between tires on one side of an axle.

Wheel and Tire Service

-Mount and Balance

-Beadlocks, Mount, Balance and General Service 

-Mount up to a 50″ Tire and 30″ Wheel

-Super Single and Military Wheel Service

-Tire Pressure Sensor Service

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